Someone had suggested the idea to me to create something like the studio world’s Pensado’s Place for the live scene.  Pensado’s is a monthly hour long video episode filled with interviews, insightful techniques, and reviews all relating to mixing audio.  There is often some pretty inspirational content in there, and if I’m not mistaken the only live mixers that have been on there are Ken “Pooch” Van Druten, and Sean “Sully” Sullivan, which were both interesting episodes.

I think I would like to aim for 15 minute episodes, biweekly.  This keeps it short enough, such that no one really has to stop what they’re doing in order to watch.  Do you have any suggestions for names, topics to cover, or guests you would like to hear from?

I’m all ears today 🙂


One thought on “I’m All Ears…

  1. Please, please, please make this happen. I can’t really find enough quality online mentorship. Can’t trust everyone on the youtubes and forums. As far as topics go, honestly I would just like to hear whatever advice it is you have to offer. Whatever it is you think that maximizes your potential every time you step into a room, what you did to consistently better yourself and take it to the next level, also any tour managing tips! Reading these blogs has helped out a lot but maybe elaborating more and maybe some visual stuff. I’m still pretty novice, 4 tours and work 3 clubs in LA but only been at live for a year, studio for 3. Im getting how to mix and mix techniques, I struggle with the more pro stuff like tuning a room, setting crossovers, limiting, etc. I feel like sometimes I’m just pissin in the dark when I go into work early to play around with the system. Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated as you literally work for some of my all time favorite bands and artists. I’ll think of more topics too. Thank you!!

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