Every few days someone asks me if I know anyone that needs touring crew. It’s great to let people know your availability, at the same time, understanding how the recommendation situation works. On the flip side of that same question, I’m asked often to recommend people for tours, and I’ve done it only a handful of times ever. One of which worked out perfectly, one of whom cancelled the day before the gig (and subsequently will never be recommended again, sorry).

The thing about recommending someone for a gig, is that it reflects as much upon you, as it does the person that’s taken the gig. If I recommend someone that just can’t cut it, then I lose my ability to recommend to that artist or manager ever again.

When giving a recommendation for a gig, a lot of things are taken into account. It’s easy to forget that a touring gig, is a little bit work, and a lot of bit hangout. Now whilst the work is important, being an easy and reasonable housemate is just as important as being a good mixer. “Two hours of the days is the show, twenty two hours of the day is the hang.”

If you want my recommendation for a gig, just follow these guidelines:

Be fantastic at what you do.
Be humble about it.
Never say something is not possible before exhausting ALL options.
Be a good trouble shooter.
Offer the extra hand to the guy that needs it, even if it’s not your job.
Be nice to EVERYONE.
Be a cleanly house mate.
Do NOT talk shit, to anyone, or about anyone.
Always be learning.
Be easy to deal with.

I won’t ever recommend anyone that I haven’t hung out with for an extended period of time, nor someone that I’ve never seen do a show. The people that ask a slew of questions before a gig, that are deciding whether or not it’s worth it to take, are also often guys that I don’t particularly want to put on any gig, because if you need to know if show files are being provided for you, then that implies to me that you’re less willing to do the gig if they are not. That tells me that you shouldn’t have this gig. In my opinion one needs to know the gig, the start date, the end date, the budget, and maybe even the accommodations, beyond that there isn’t much information that SHOULD be that important to making the decision of availability.

Keep up the good work.


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